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Justice, trade, security, and individual freedoms in the digital society (Papel + e-book)
Esteban de la Rosa, Fernándo

The main target audience for this book will be academics, postgraduate students, legal practitioners, and policy-makers. The book is also aimed at journalist, economists, political scientists, and anyone interested in exploring and finding new tools to regulate the digital society, approaching the legal challenges fostered by new technology, and wishing to understand how the development of the digital society has to be legally driven to protect fundamental rights. The topic is interesting for varied audiences from all over the world. The book will also be relevant for public authorities and legislative powers at the international, national, and regional levels to assist in the drafting of laws. The subject matter is particularly attractive for providing objective analysis in the current political debate related to the development of the digital society. The proposed book deals with highly topical legal issues, since the development of the new technologies requires new legal analysis. The book has been drafted in English by a multinational group of selected authors. This will facilitate the international projection of its publication all over the world. Addressing the legal analysis from different sectoral angles (artificial intelligence, digital justice, electronic contracts, digital trade, gender, security, and public law) increases the potential interest of the very diverse actors in this field.

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